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About us

Kovácsa Csaba
Owing to my own professional equestrian activity over many years, including as a horse owner, I know very well the considerations involved when transporting horses. On the basis my experience, I founded my company in the year 2000. I have taken advantage of my experience in the field of equestrian sport by applying it to the design of our trucks. Today, hundreds of Interhorse trucks are driven all over Europe, safely transporting competition horses to their destinations.

It is of great importance to me to understand the needs of our customers, not only in theory, but in practice. First and foremost in our consideration are the safety of both the horses and people involved. Our main profile is the production of truck superstructures, creating luxurious and comfortable residential and equine compartments, all complying to the latest regulations of governing bodies. We lay great emphasis during our production process on quality, and on the comfort of the horses. And our family-friendly design ensures you can feel at home, even when away at competitions!

During product development, we also focus on storage space. Each one of our trucks being individually designed to cater for our customer’s wishes.

In addition to trucks for horse transportation, we also manufacture the following products.
  • Motor homes
  • Camper vans
  • Special superstructures
  • Tack Trunks
We have a special service team because we attach great importance not only to sales, but also to our service activity.

We hope to welcome you soon among our satisfied customers.

If you are looking for exclusive delivery solutions for your horses and do not want to give up your comfort, you have come to the right place!

Kovács Csaba